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To create a brilliant and bright future for UMST from which the students, faculty, staff, the nation and the world will benefit. UMST values excellence, quality and service. UMST continuously seeks to foster innovation and creativity.


We aim to develop competent and socially responsible professionals and lifelong learners in an environment that promotes excellence in the academic core processes of teaching, learning, and research and community service. Our mission is to provide timely, relevant and transformable academic programs responsive to the needs of our local, national and global communities that keep pace with the rapidly changing world.


UMST University is recognised by:
- The Ministry of Higher Education and Research in the Sudan.
- The World Health Organization (WHO).
- The General Medical Council of the UK.
- The General Dental Council, UK.
- The Arab Association Union.
- Equivalence of UMST’s Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree in the United States