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Dr Ahmed Babiker Mohamed Zein

Dean, Student Affairs
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Welcome to Student Affairs – UMST

The deanship of Student Affairs at UMST welcomes all students and considers them as one of the major stakeholders of the University. The current population of the University students represents diversity in terms of gender, culture, ethnicity, nationalities and academic and non-academic interests. Sharing the understanding of UMST as a student –centered institution of higher education, the deanship of the students considers its major responsibility serving and meeting the needs of this diverse community in every possible way in order to make their student life enjoyable and successful. As a UMST student you will find different opportunities to enable you to develop and promote your personality not only academically, but equally as important, in extra-curricular activities. Such activities include sport, art, culture, music, and charity work and community service. Your active involvement in these activities will enable you to make new friends, familiarise yourself with other cultures, and develop your personality in team work and leadership roles.

When you need help please approach the staff of the deanship. They will be pleased to inform, offer advice and counsel to you or transfer you to where you will find the needed support.
Dear student, we hope that your time at UMST will be fulfilling, exciting and as rewarding as you would like it to be. We also hope that wherever your journey after graduation ends, you remain in touch with the university through the University Alumni.

Aims & Objectives

- Create a favourable environment to enable the students to strike a balance between academic requirements and personality development.
- Encourage the students to get involved in activities which will enhance their talents, skills and practical educational experiences.
- Prepare the university student teams and groups in academic, cultural, sport and art fields to enable them to compete with similar groups, inside and outside the country.
Develop research in the detection and estimation of pollutants in air, water and food/feed commodities.
– Create training programs in instrumental analysis in all applied science fields and in research leading to the award of Diplomas, Master and PhD degrees.
– Promote educational research and training capabilities of undergraduates, graduates, staff members and other relevant parties.
– Strengthen the links between students and their local communities by contributing to the community services.

Faculty Links

Medical Services

Emergency medical services are available free in the university affiliated hospitals as well as the neighbouring ones. The University Academy Charity Hospital offers free medical services in all specialisations to the students and the public. UMST’s Faculty of the Dentistry Hospital also provides services at a nominal charges.

Student Counseling

The student deanship provides student counseling in the following two forms: Group counseling: This takes place through public lectures and by group discussion with qualified specialized lecturers, who are invited to address relevant topics of importance to the students. Such topics include:
– Adjustment with the university requirements
– Meeting successful study requirements
– Academic and employment choices
– Strategic planning
– Being a moderate Muslim
Individual Counseling: Individual students who need personal specialized counseling to overcome personal difficulties are transfer to psychiatrist or social counselor.

Student Exchange

It is one of the established policies of UMST to promote student exchange programmers with the aims of exposure to and learning from other similar experiences. Implementation mechanisms for that purpose include:
– Participation in the annual programmed of the Arab Council for the training of Arab universities students which operate under the umbra of the Association of Arab Universities.
– Academic Visits: The university encourages students taking part in academic visits inside and outside the country during vacations under the supervision of the university staff.

UMST Disciplinary Committee

UMST has constituted an investigation and disciplinary standing committee to look into academic and behavioral misconduct of students according to a number of codes and regulations announced to the students and published in the Student’s Hand book. The committee recommends penalties to the university senate and the students have the right to appeal.