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MSc in Family Medicine

Dr Hanan Tahir

Programme Coordinator
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MSc in Family Medicine

Why Study with us
Family medicine is an ever evolving specialty. There is a great demand for family medicine practitioners worldwide. The main obstacle for the development of Family medicine in the developing countries is the scarcity of trained family medicine practitioners and trainer/ mentors in the field. Great efforts and resources are needed to develop Family medicine practice in Sudan.
Sudan recognized the importance of establishing a sound training program in FM for many years.
Since then many initiatives have been launched in this regard including establishment of local postgraduate training program in the field of FM. This master degree is part of this effort to enhance and accelerate the development of family medicine. Therefore most of its regulations and syllabus are driven directly from the Sudanese Board of Family Medicine Specialty so that the candidates can be easily enrolled if they decided to obtain the Board qualification, because most of its curriculum will be covered during this course.
Entry Requirements :
In order to be eligible for admission to this programme a student shall hold a bachelor degree in Medicine from UMST or other recognized university, and successfully completed his/ her internship (Houseman ship). Applicants shall also be registered with Sudan Medical Council