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Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Dr. Abdel Radi O.Miro

Programme Coordinator
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Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Why study with us?
The faculty of Business Administration was established in 2003 to serve society needs by providing a bred of qualified, creative and innovative business graduated.
The Doctorate of Business Administration was initiated in 2015 to cater for those who want to further their careers with the most advanced business degree. The DBA program is designed to enable academicians as well as practitioners to contribute to the body of applied knowledge after being equipped with an in depth and advanced knowledge of Business Administration literature. The program is based on an advance course work delivered by our experience permanent staff in management, marketing and accounting.
Program objectives:
1-To quality graduates who can contribute to the advancement of their professions
2-To allow candidates to conduct applied and problem -solving research for the mutual benefits of their employing organizations and their own careers.
3- To educate excellent scholars as qualified business, teaching, research, training and consultancy staff.
1. An MBA degree with grade merit (a minimum of cGPA of 3.0), M.Sc degree in business administration with at least(Good) grade.
2. A working experience of not less than 5 years after obtaining the first degree B.Sc or BA.
3. Evidence of fluency in the English language by :
a.A score of 550 points in paper based TOEFL or band 6.0 ILETS, or b.Passing the UMST admission test in the English Language.
4. Computer literacy. 5.Passing the admission interview.