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Diploma of Research Methodology and Biostatistics

Dr.Noma Mounkaila.

Programme Coordinator
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Diploma of Research Methodology and Biostatistics

Health research is a fundamental tool for providing reliable, valid and up-to-date information on the current health situation in Sudan and any other country. This, in turn, enables scientists, decision makers, health managers and representatives of the public to better understand their health problems and to develop and implement sound solutions for their control. The first step towards achieving these target objectives is to enhance the research skills and capabilities among researchers, health managers and decision makers through theoretical and practical training on research methods and biostatistics.
The Diploma Program in Research Methodology and Biostatistics was launched in the year 2006 aiming at training workers in the health field and related fields the basic skills required for conducting proper research projects that will meet international standards and that will help achieving the overall objective in developing scientific and reliable strategies to tackle health problems.
Applicants qualify for admission to Post-Graduate Diploma in Research Methodology and Biostatistics if they hold a bachelor degree from UMST or its equivalent. At the Program level, applicants shall be interviewed for assessment of their suitability, knowledge and their reasonable command of English language which will enable them to study in English. In addition, applicants shall provide evidence of good computer skills. A candidate shall possess one of the following as evidence:
Evidence of computer courses completed during undergraduate studies or postgraduate studies. Evidence of computer courses completed at approved and accredited institutes. UMST computer qualification Examination.