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Child and Adolescent Mental Health ...

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

By Dr. Adam Bagadi
Consultant Child psychiatrist, Manchester (U.K). Place: SEDI,Orange Bulding 6 th Floor.
Date: 04.01.2020
Time: 10:00 am.
*Prof. Hassan Mohamed Ahmed, President UMST. *Prof Fatah Alaleem Mohamed
Abdelrahim,Acedami Hospital *Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Ass.Prof. Community Medicine, UMST. *Master Student of Family Medicine (Public Health).
Dr. Bagadi is an expert in Child Mental Health in Manchester, they have already established a program in child mental health in Manchester, the main aim was to introduce this specialty in Sudan. At the level of health center and school health… Prof Hassan suggested that it is better to start it as small dose at undergraduate level and as subspecialty in pediatrics… Dr. Adam will review the curriculum of the Family Medicine and will give his recommendations latter.
Thanking you,,
Dr. Amin Alagib Mohamed
Director of Sudan Education & Development Institute