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Workshop on Students Assessment & E...

Workshop on Students Assessment & Evaluation

Workshop on Students Assessment & Evaluation
Location: Khartoum, UMST Complex, Orange Building, 6th Floor
Date: 03 August,2021

Prof. Nasreldin M Ahmed: MBBS. MSc, MHPE, Ph.D. (HPE)
Organizing Committee
Dr. Amin Alagib

Target Audience:
Health Professional staff (For All health professions Colleges)
1. Introduction
This workshop is in an attempt to enhance faculty capabilities in the new approaches in medical education. The purpose of which is to orient faculty on the area of assessment. Hands-on experiences in utilization of some important assessment tools will be issued. Interactive sessions and group activities will be conducted to address specific objectives that are aligned with the general objectives of the workshop.
2. Objectives
After completing the workshop, you should be able to: 1- Expain the principles of assessment
2- Develop an exam blueprinting for modules/courses
3- Construct and evaluate multiple choice items

3. Teaching/learning Methods
 Interactive power point presentation (PPP)
 Small group activities and study of the provided materials(Standards)
 Plenary group presentation and discussion

4. Workshop Evaluation
Trainees’ feedback and evaluation is a necessity for improvement of the next coming workshops. Participant will be provided with evaluation form at the end of the workshop.
5. Required Resources (CPD center)
• One Large Lecture hall
• Multimedia
• Flip charts (4)
6. Teaching/Learning Materials
• Developing Multiple Choice Questions for the RCPSC Certification Examinations
• Some more readings will be provided