University Textbook on Petroleum and Polymers Published

trstThe third edition of the textbook, ‘The chemistry of Petroleum and Organic Polymer’, has been published this month. The book was written jointly by Professor Younis Mohamed Elhassan at University of Medical Sciences and Technology and General Managing Director of Dr Alawia Imam Pharmaceutics Research and Development Institute and Professor Shar Saad Alshiray, Dean of the Faculty of Science, King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia.

The textbook consists of several chapters, beginning with the origin of petroleum: its formation, types of crude oil and distillates,their chemical constitution, uses and quality improvements and specifications.It includes chapters on dealing with petrochemicals and petrochemical industries, as well as production processes of organic polymers and plastic materials. The textbook is now officially recognized in all Saudi Universities.

The two authors have been granted a prize of SR 120,000.