UMST’s Dr Salah Shanan Awarded PhD

shananUMST University congratulates Dr Salah Shanan on recently acquiring his Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD).

Dr Salah is a Microbiology lecturer in the Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences and was sent on a full scholarship from UMST to Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm,Sweden as a PhD student in the Department of Clinical Microbiology.

His doctoral thesis concerned the ‘Molecular detection of Vibrio cholerae and protozoa from drinking water and interaction of V. cholerae clinical isolates with Acanthamoeba castellanii’.

During his time, Dr Salah also successfully published five research papers, including:

‘Swedish isolates of Vibriocholerae enhancing their survival when interacted intracellularly with Acanthamoebacastellanii’

‘Prevalence of Protozoa Species in Drinking and Environmental Water Sources in Sudan’shanan2

‘Lack of Outer Membrane Protein A Enhances the Release of Outer Membrane Vesicles and Survival of Vibrio cholerae and Suppresses Viability of Acanthamoebacastellanii’

‘Survival of Vibrio cholerae Inside Acanthamoeba and Detection of Both Microorganisms From Natural Water Samples May Point out the Amoeba as a Protozoal Host for V.cholerae’

‘Significant Association of Steptococcus bovis with Malignant Gastrointestinal Diseases’

Dr Salah is due to return to UMST shortly after being awarded his PhD.