Sudan Education & Development Institute (SEDI)

General Director of Sudan Education & Development Institute (SEDI), Dr Amin Alagib Mohamed Musa

IMG_6170It is our pleasure to present Sudan Education & Development Institute (SEDI) to the university community and the Sudanese public, it was not an easy task to establish such a unique center; as the UMST Administration was looking forward to have a centre that deals with the various aspects of training and professional development not only for UMST staff, but to all universities and institutes in the Sudan. Nearly all university colleges are participating in SEDI activities and programs, the ultimate aim being to improve the competence of all categories of health and community development.

Appropriate continuing education and professional development should provide a bridge between basic training and practice; which ultimately helps to raise the standard of health care personnel.

Several people contributed immensely to the development of this institute through providing useful suggestions and guidance, we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all of them.

Last, but not least, we hope that the activities and programs which is provided by the institute will be of value to all those who look forward for improvement and better capacity building for personnel in all aspects.