SEDI Workshop on Women’s Health Issues and Medical Problems in Pregnancy

UMST’s Sudan Education & Development Institute (SEDI) held a workshop

on Women’s Health Issues and Medical Problems in Pregnancy on December 21 – 22, 2016.

Location: Khartoum, UMST Complex, Al Tamyuz Hospital

The talks were given by Dr Saleema Wani, Dr Bashir Taha Salih, Prof Bader Aldin Ibrahim and Dr Hemi Noor- Course Coordinator.

Educational Objectives:

  • Medical Complications in pregnancy is one of the leading indirect causes of maternal morbidity and mortality in the developed and developing world.
  • Early recognition and proper management will improve the outcome for both mother and baby.
  • Multidisciplinary approach is the key to achieve successful outcome.
  • Many physicians are unfamiliar with the physiological adaptations to pregnancy and the medical disorders which may be encountered in obstetric practice. Similarly many medical conditions are infrequent in general obstetric practices.
  • Obstetricians may not feel comfortable to manage all medical complications of pregnancy on their own.
  • The symposium will be an opportunity to discuss the most common problems in this field.