SEDI Student Assessment and Evaluation Workshop – Part Two

wrkshopUMST University’s Sudan Education& Development Institute (SEDI) is conducting the second part of a workshop this week (04/11/2015-05/11/15) from 9am to 2pm on the different types of student learning assessment systems.

By the end of the course,participants should be acquainted with commonly used methods of assessment,their domain, limitations and strengths:

  1. Types of assessment and criteria for a good test.
  2. Construct one best answer questions in each domain of knowledge.
  3. Construct all types extended matching questions.
  4. Acquainted with the art of lecturing.
  5. Acquainted with the knowledge of effective presentation.
  6. Discuss the role of the teacher.
  7. Be able to construct OSCE & OSPE exams.

The second workshop will be held in the Institute, located on the sixth floor of the orange building on campus.