RCRU Research Published by BMC Public Health

UMST’s Reproductive and Child Health Research Unit (RCRU), directed by Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf have published a paper on BMC Public health.

The research, titled “Strategies to increase demand for maternal health services in resource-limited settings: challenges to be addressed”, identified the existing common strategies that have been implemented to overcome demand-side barriers to maternal healthcare access, as well as debating their limitations and challenges. The research unit grouped them into: (i) Financial incentives/subsidies; (ii) Enhancing patient transfer,and; (iii) Community involvement.

RCRU then suggested that three challenges need to be addressed to create a supportive environment in which these demand-side strategies can effectively improve access to maternal health services. These include:addressing decision-making norms, engaging in inter generational dialogue, and designing contextually appropriate communication strategies.

The unit’s findings will help to inform the global conversations around universal health coverage and universal health access and to help develop appropriate and sustainable strategies at community level to enhance demand for maternal care.

View the published work here: