Nursing Sciences

Acting Dean, Faculty of Nursing Sciences, Mis Maha Gibreel Mohammed Khaier

The Faculty of Nursing Sciences started in 1999, as an integral part of the University of Medical Sciences and Technology. It is the fourth faculty in line of establishment.

The Faculty  believes that the nursing profession is taking increasing responsibility for providing pro-motive, preventive, restorative and rehabilitative health care services which contribute to the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Nursing is a full partner with other health disciplines in leading and shaping health policies and functions, among health care consumers, as an advocate for improving life quality. Therefore, our nursing faculty is renowned for providing the most professional and highly qualified nursing experts in the country.


Our mission is to prepare nurses for meeting the ever changing diverse health needs of our nation and to enable them to remain dedicated to:

    • Upholding the highest standards of nursing care.
    • Promoting conditions that allow nurses to practice their profession to the full extent of their knowledge and skill.
    • Shaping health policy through its expertise and the strength and cohesiveness of its membership.


For more information, contact:

      +249 183 228614


The faculty of nursing sciences is located within the premises of the Academy Charity Teaching Hospital, where the clinical and field practice mainly takes place, as well as several other training institutions governmental and private, general and specialised within the Sudan health care delivery system. Our faculty has successful and enriching national, regional and international relationships with educational, health service institutions, nursing councils, UN and NGO’s etc. External examiners, regional and international, are invited annually to evaluate the BSc, MSc and PhD NSc nursing students and programmes.