MSc Diagnostic Medical Imaging


To be accepted into the programme, applicants must hold a BSc Radiology Medical Sciences degree from the University of Science and Technology or any other recognised university.

Graduates with first class and second degree honors with no work experience will be accepted.

Graduates with third class degrees are required to have two years’ experience.

To to be eligible for admission to the program, a candidate must at least have one of the following qualifications:

  1. 1st or 2nd class B.Sc Honors Degree in Radiological Sciences. Other qualifications and relevant experiences will be assessed on an individual basis.
  2. A candidate having a B.Sc 3rd class Honors Degree in Radiological Sciences should have at least two years working experience including the National Military Service.

English language requirements

Applicants shall be interviewed for assessment of their suitability, knowledge and their reasonable command of English language which will enable them to study in English.


SDG 35,000

For more information, contact:

    +240-183-224175 – Ext 237 / 299-108