Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Prof.WADIE MOHAMED YASIN ELMADHOUN

Welcome to Faculty of Medicine – UMST

Maintaining people’s health and alleviating suffering is the ultimate goal of physicians. The “Angels of mercy” have always been the brightest minds, the wisest people, and the hardest workers. To achieve this endeavor, medical students and doctors, alike, pass through tough, narrow pathways; overcome difficult obstacles and tight filters.

To be a good doctor; the learner needs to be a genius, ethical, keen professional and a life-long learner.

Challenges in medicine are constantly there. For each patient complain,  an arsenal of differential diagnoses exist; which one spots the accurate disease for that particular individual constitutes the secret of the profession for the doctor but a matter of life or death for the patient.

Faculty of Medicine – UMST has always been a renowned and prestigious place for the study of medicine.  Since its establishment in 1996, the faculty has so far graduated 2050 physicians, serving our local community and enriching the whole world with competent and skillful doctors.

UMST administrators, staff and students strive to excel in their duties to achieve its mission: high quality medical education, health services and research. The faculty is already registered in the WHO Directory of the International Medical Schools, the Arab Association of Medical Schools, the Sudanese Association of Medical Schools, as well as in many other similar lists. Currently, all stakeholders are working hard to fulfill the WFME criteria for accreditation, a process that has been ongoing for the last 2 years. The competency of our graduates is unchallengeable as hundreds of UMST graduates are currently working in USA, UK, Australia, the Gulf countries and all around the globe.

Finally, it’s our determination, planning and hard work that makes life a joyful and painless experience for everyone.

Training to be a doctor in medicine is challenging. The constant advances in diagnosis and treatment of diseases necessitate a balanced curriculum, from teaching good bedside manner, to focusing on technologically oriented techniques in patient-management. Medicine as a discipline is based on science, the art of diagnosis and human touch in patients care. Sudan faces many health problems and these are reflected in the curriculum set by the faculty. With these challenges in mind, the Faculty of Medicine in the University was established in 1996 and all medical courses are studied in English language.

To link the institutes of the University of Medical Sciences and Technology with the community by utilising the University’s resources for community development and to participate with the state in building the social, psychological and health status of the individuals in urban and rural areas.

To graduate doctors with excellence in curative and preventive medicine and scientific research to work in all areas in Sudan and abroad, capable of continuously educating themselves and having high medical ethics.

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Practical Training

Faculty of Medicine, (as well as Dentistry and Nursing), students are also taught in UMST’s various affiliated hospitals. All bedside training is conducted at Academy Charity Teaching Hospital (ACTH) however the faculty also uses other hospitals as training sites such as:

    • Khartoum Teaching Hospital
    • Children’s Emergency Teaching Hospital
    • Soba University Hospital
    • Children Emergency Hospital, Omdurman
    • Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital
    • Police Teaching Hospital
  • The Military Hospital