Mass Communications

Dean, Mass Communication,Dr Salaheldin Mohammed Ibrahim

Welcome to our advancing and innovative mass communication programme designed to provide a competitive education and professional training. Realising the important role of mass media in an advancing technological revolution, our goal and objectives are to graduate high caliber graduate professionals who have the knowledge and skills to occupy positions in the media industry. The faculty curriculum integrates information technology into instruction. jamaty
Our students are at the focus of the learning process, and all our efforts are dedicated to ensuring continued progress in the student’s academic performance.
The programme acquaints students with different mass communication disciplines and also affords them the opportunity to choose a concentration among print media, broadcasting (radio and television), public relations and advertising.


The faculty aims to establish a reputable programme among other programmes in the region, and prepare students to enter the new integrated media in a globalised world equipped with knowledge and skills of different media and multimedia applications.


UMST Batch 3 Final year project – scripted, directed, acted, shot and edited by the students

Career Opportunities

  • Newspapers and magazines (Editing, Reporting and newspaper management).
  • Computer Graphic Design.
  • Broadcasting ( Radio and TV)
  • Public Relations Professionals (Government, organizations and Business sector).
  • News Agencies.
  • Advertising Agencies.
  • Media Advocacy ( NGOs)
  • Publishing and Media Production.
  • Public Affairs ( UN and Military)

For more information, contact:

+249 183 228614