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UMST Event to Cherish: Welcoming the New Students !

To usher the start of the new academic year 2018-2019, the University welcomed and celebrated its new students in a well conceived and organized event on Saturday the 7th of September. The joyous celebration was launched under the patronage of the Assistant to the President of the Republic, Mr. Mousa Mohammed Ahmed. The event evolved […]

UMST-Meeting to Organize Celebration Event of the top 100 Students of Sudan School Certificate!

The Committee assigned the responsibility of organizing the celebration and honoring of the Top Hundred Students of Sudan School Certificate convened to discuss the details of organizing the event which is a joint venture between the University of Medical Sciences and Technology and the General Union of Students of Khartoum State. The auspicious occasion which […]

UMST-Admission Guidelines and Instructions for the year 2018-2019

Happy New Academic Year 2018-2019 Batches & Faculties: The Twenty-fifth Batch: Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Medical Laboratories. The Twenty-third Batch: Faculty of Dentistry. The Twentieth Batch: Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Nursing Sciences. The Eighteenth Batch: Faculty of Computer Science – (Third Batch Information Technology and Information Systems. The Fourteenth Batch: Faculty […]

كلية الحقوق زيارة المجلس التشريعي

UMST’s faculty of Law took undergraduate students to the legislative council

Faculty of Law Students Visit Kober Prison

Students from the UMST’s faculty of Law took part in an educational trip

UMST Scholarships 2017 / منح دراسية مجانية

تزف  جامعة  العلوم  الطبية  والتكنولوجيا  أحر  التهاني  لطلابها  ببداية  العام  الدراسي  في  09/09/2017 ويعلن  أمين  الشؤون  العلمية  بالجامعة  عن  تقديم  منح  دراسية  في  كل  كليات  الجامعة

UMST 2nd Clinical Law Program

UMST’s faculty of Law conducted its clinical law program for the second year running. Students worked with Al Shargi Police Station, Court Complex, as well as with Khartoum’s Attorney general. The program was supervised by UMST lecturers, Mr. Daoud Mohammed Osman and Ms. Areej Elnaw.

UMST Academic Exhibition 2016-17

After winning first place in the UMST yearly exhibition in the academic year of 2015/2016, the faculty of law entered this year’s exhibition. The faculty displayed how a forensic investigation is conducted, as well as a drug search using police dogs. Students also during the exhibition the process of a police report.

UMST Faculty of Law: Honoring a Legal Pillar

Several of his ex-students/colleagues along with the faculty of Law (UMST) worked hand in hand to honor one of the legal gurus of the Sudanese legal system Dr. Adil Abdelghani. The event  lasted for a few days and included various workshops, as well as a moot trial which recreated one of Dr. Adil’s previous cases.

Faculty of Law Holds Academic Reform Workshop

  UMST’s Faculty of Law held an academic reform workshop on February 4, 2017 at Coral Hotel. The meeting was held to review the faculty’s  curriculum in order to ensure its continuous development. Results from the workshop highlighted several developments to be adopted by the faculty in the new academic year.

Faculty of Law Graduates First Batch

UMST’s Faculty of Law congratulates three of its students from Batch 1 for successfully enrolling in the Sudanese Bar. The faculty celebrated the graduation of its first batch on in December 24,2016.

Nigerian First Cultural Day

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the souls of its people.”

Faculty of Law: Academic Meeting of Minds

In the pursuit of developing its curriculum to an international standard, the Faculty held an academic meeting with the Legal elites of Sudan in Coral Hotel. Dignitaries included among others H.E. Ali Yaseen, Mohammed Ibrahim Eltahir (Constitutional Court Judge), Prof. Abdallah Idris (University of Khartoum), Dr. Adil Alagib, Dr. Eltayeb Murkaz (Dean Faculty of Law […]

Faculty of Law Students Visit the National Assembly

Batch 2 and 3 went on a learning trip to the National Assembly Sudan as part of its Constitutional Law Module, as well as Introduction to Law Module.

Law Students Visits Judiciary Museum

UMST students from the faculty of Law, Batch 3 visited the Judiciary Museum as part of an education trip.

Dignitaries Visit UMST Faculty of Law

President of the Sudanese Bar Association Eltayeb Haroon along with the distinguished environmental activist Joseph Salman, and environmental specialist Dr. Sami Abdelhalim paid a visit to UMST University’s Faculty of Law. An active discussion took place on environmental issues that face society today. Students took an active, passionate role in the discussion.

Environmental Studies Graduate Exhibition

The Department of environment studies has presented many students activities at graduation day fair.

UMST Faculty of Law Graduate Exhibition

The Faculty of Law successfully presented different issues for discussion with visitors. These were topics that affected society and the students were very passionate about, among which included: Drug Abuse Women Rights Underage Marriage Nigerian Legal System

Visit to the Sudanese Association for Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is an issue that resides in the Faculty of Law student’s heart,

UMST Students Visit Central Bank of Sudan

Law students from Batch 1 went on an academic visit to the Central Bank of Sudan as part