Faculty of Computer Science & IT Honours Top Students


UMST Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology has awarded the following top students scholarships and prizes for there academic performance this past year.

Computer Science Batch(15)
Malay Sarjul Sudlrir Slith
Scholarship & Prize in Introduction to Programming

Computer Science Batch(14)

abdrahAbdelrahman Nadir Ahmed Kabbashi

samahSamah Hassan Osman Ahmed
Prize in Object Oriented Programming in C++
Prize in Computer Systems Architecture

Computer Science Batch(13)CS 

mustaMustafa Omar Yousif Abdelmagid
Prize in  GUI Programming

mohdMohamed Abdelrahman Yagoub Mahgoub
Prize in  Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Computer Science Batch(12) CS 

imanIman Omar Yousif Abdelmagid
Excellent + Best final year student +
Best Graduation Project + Shared Prize
in  Design Analysis of Algorithms

eimanEiman Tarig Nasr AbdoElRahman
Shared Prize in  Design Analysis of Algorithms

Computer Science Batch(12) BA

zarZarya Ahmed Abass Altaher
Prize in  E-Commerce Systems