Computer Center

Director of Computer Center, Mr Mohamed Elhafiz

UMST-Mr-MohamedElhafizThe University of medical Sciences and Technology (UMST) established the Computer Center to enhance  performance by automating the universities operations and providing outstanding service to all departments and units through providing suitable hardware equipment and networks, developing software applications, training the staff, and providing innovative technical solutions.
It consists of 6 units:

 Software unit
 Network and maintenance unit
 Website and information unit
 Computer labs unit
 Systems Administration Unit

Aims & Objectives

The UMST Computer Center aims to create a paperless university and provide excellent services in information technology.


  • Ensuring maximum availability of computer systems throughout the University.
  • Provision of IT infrastructure services including desktop applications, Local and/or Wide area networks, IT security and telecommunications.
  • Develop and implement software application
  • Working with senior management to propose, agree and deliver IT service to defined Service Level Agreements.
  • Support UMST staff with IT Technical support.
  • Responsible for IT hardware, software and maintenance procurement.
  • Responsible for development and control of IT security policy.
  • Responsible for maintaining, developing and updating university of medical sciences and technology website.