Undergraduate Admission

Sudanese Secondary School Certificate Percentages

 Faculty Admission Percentage
Medicine 80%
Pharmacy 78%
750,000 SDG
Medical Laboratory Sciences 70%
450,000 SDG
Radiological Sciences 70%
electrical engineering 70%
Electronic engineering – control 70%
400,000 SDG
Electronic engineering – communication 70%
400,000 SDG
 Faculty Admission Percentage
Biomedical Engineering 70%
500,000 SDG
Architecture engineering 70%
500,000 SDG
Computer Science 70%
350,000  SDG
Information Technology – Information Systems
350,000 SDG
400,000 SDG
Business Management 70%
600,000 SDG
media 60%
350,000 SDG
Economic, environmental and social studies 70%
400,000 SDG

Head of Admissions, Ms Wigdan

At UMST University students can apply by:

  • Online via the website
  • In person at the UMST Admissions Office on campus

An application fee of SDG 200 is required for the Admission Office Application Form (Only if you are applying personally to UMST’s Admission Office).

Please fill the Required Application Form and bring the required documents as listed below:

NOTE: For online registration, only bring the documents asked for below after preliminary acceptance.

General Requirements

  • Copy of the National Number Certificate (or Passport for Non Sudanese).
  • Three Passport size photos (without eye glasses).
  • Vaccination Certificate against HEPATITIS (B). (if Applicable)
  • Computer Statement from the Administration of Higher Education Admission. (ONLY for General Admission Candidates).
  • UMST Regulations on ID cards, Dress code, Tuition Fees, Student/Guardian Consent Form

Saudi Arabia Secondary School Certificate

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