ANTAEA Medical Services Ltd. Visit UMST

antANTAEA Contract Research Organizations are one of the largest regional Contract Research Organizations (CROs), providing high quality services in South-East Europe, Middle East and Africa have paid an organized visit to the institute on January 21, 2015. The program of the visit included a welcoming speech from the General Director of the Institute, which included enlightening the visitors of the mission and objectives of the Institute, the ongoing research and analytical services activities and also laboratory facilities available in the Institute. The program of the visit also included a tour through the Institute to enable the visitors to overview the laboratory facilities. The time table of the visit has included two presentations conducted by the delegates, which are entitled:

  • Criteria and requirements towards the award of laboratory and analytical accreditation (Step-by-step implementation of Accreditation Requirements).
  • Guidelines for the basis of implementation of Drug Bioequivalence Studies in the institute laboratories.

The delegates explained these very important issues in a very detailed manner. The ant2presentations were followed by fruitful discussions and the enquiries of the attendants were perfectly been answered by the delegates. Many contributions have been forwarded by Prof. Hassan (president of UMST), Prof. El khawad (Dean Graduate College) and Prof. Younis (General Director, Alawia Institute).

An air of confidence and enthusiasm prevailed the meeting that a long lasting fruitful relationship will exist. Accordingly, we kindly request the University Authorities to sign an MOU with ANTAEA to pave the road to enable the Institute Laboratory to acuire the appropriate requirements to be a leading accredited laboratory.

Words of appreciation and gratitude must be fostered and raised to Dr. Susan Mamoon and Dr. Suzanne Taha, the ANTAEA Medical Services, for their kind efforts to make the contacts with ANTAEA head quarters abroad and also for arranging this successful visit.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Institute shall be in close contact with Dr. Suzan and Dr. Suzanne to prepare a work plan to implement the NTAEA Guidelines.