Dr Alawia Imam’s Pharmaceutical Development Center


Analytical Services Unit (ASU)
The analytical services unit provides chemical and instrumental analytical services for samples delivered by research students, food and agricultural commodities from companies and food industry, raw materials for pharmaceutical and chemical industries. See the types of analytical services the Institute can provide elsewhere in this report.

Pharmacological and Toxicological Research Unit (PTRU)
The PTRU works on biological research in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and biochemistry. The laboratory facilities for this unit were identified and will be available in the near future.

Pharmaceutical technology Unit(PHTU)
The unit will house research groups working on drug dosage forms development and production. The facilities needed for PHTU will be organized in the following adjoining areas:
Non-GMP area: to research on pharmaceutical technology (based on quality by design and process analytical technology principles of pharmaceutical development and production). Pharmaceutical technology comprises process analysis, technological drug development and production. Processes include granulation, tablet pressing, homogenization etc.
GMP area: pharmaceutical technology areas with the capability of implementing good manufacturing practice (GMP) for producing drug dosage forms for clinical trials. The GMP area can be run by/with external partners and its placement with the non-GMP research area will generate a synergistic effect.

Pharmaceutical analysis and quality control Unit (PHA & OCU)
The PHA & OCU will house researchers conducting interdisciplinary research in analytical chemistry in relation to bioorganic and inorganic chemistry, drug metabolism, and toxicology, environmental chemistry and physical chemistry.
This broad-ranging unit will have a well equipped laboratory.

Pharmaceutical analysis and quality control Unit (PTRU)
The PTRU works on biological research, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and biochemistry. The research needs a classified laboratory with all necessary facilities and a small, specialised animal facility to house small laboratory animals together with a full-time animal caretaker.

Drug discovery and design Unit(DDDU)
DDDU comprises a new structure with interdisciplinary cooperation between medicinal chemises, natural products chemises and pharmacologists (for assay development and screening). The Unit’s laboratories shall be provided with the necessary instruments.