Dr Alawia Imam’s Pharmaceutical Development Center

Aims & Objectives

The Development Center was established with the aim to:
– Create links and synergies between academicians, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and governmental pharmaceutical sectors.
– Conduct research on, development and implementation of new active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) formulations that warrant simplicity, efficacy and safety at reasonable cost.
– Develop methods that stabilise drugs and drug products under the environmental conditions of Sudan.
– Research the exploitation of local natural resources to discover potential APIs or other pharmaceutical substances.
– Design new analytical techniques for the accurate, rapid and non-destructive evaluation of pharmaceutical products.
– Develop quality assurance and quality control programmes for evaluation of physical and chemical properties, stability, bioavailability and efficacy of new batches and finished drug formulations as well as the coeducation of bioequivalence studies for generic drugs.
– Detect, identify and quantise of toxins and toxic substances in biological fluids and unknown substances in counterfeit medicines and unauthorised products.
– Develop research in the detection and estimation of pollutants in air, water and food/feed commodities.
– Create training programs in instrumental analysis in all applied science fields and in research leading to the award of Diplomas, Master and PhD degrees.
– Promote educational research and training capabilities of undergraduates, graduates, staff members and other relevant parties.