Dr Alawia Imam’s Pharmaceutical Development Center

General Director of Dr Alawia Imam’s Pharmaceutical Development Center, Professor Dhia Eldin Abd Elmagied Elhag

Alawia Imam Pharmaceutical Research and Development Institute is a multi-disciplinary and multi-functional research centre of learning, educational and training institute. It has emerged from the objective of UMST strategic thinking to develop a solid plan to guide the university adopt operational effectiveness which embodies performing similar academic activities better than rivals perform them.

Accordingly, the establishment of this institute adds an increment for UMST to sustain its nationally and internationally distinguished academic position via entailing different methodologies and different ways that provide products of highly competitive caliber of young, scientifically oriented professionals and researchers. It also provides excellent analytical services to the community for all its varied sectors. Alawia Imam Pharmaceutical Research and Development Institute comprises at the present, Five Units (outlined in the section below).

The Units are annexed with a number of analytical laboratories available for use by all Units. The laboratories are equipped with sophisticated high tech instruments that are aimed beside research and training programs to provide analytical services, shown elsewhere in this report. Internationally approved official methods of qualitative and quantitative analytical methods of extraction, separation, identification and estimation are available and adopted as reference documents.