Al Tamayouz Centre Opens in Al Imtidad


Al Tamayouz Centre for accidents and emergency in Al Imtidad, Khartoum was opened on Thursday 25 February, 2016 by President Omar Al Bashir and UMST University’s Chairman of the Board and Minister of Health,Professor Mamoun Homeida.

The opening of Al Tamayouz Hospital is considered a great leap forward for medical services in Sudan. The hospital houses the latest world-class standard intensive care unit, ultrasound devices and sophisticated x-ray equipment.

Celebrations saw President Omar Al Bashir praise the great efforts of Professor Mamoun in the medical field. The President commended Prof. Mamoun’s continuing successes and defended his policies, saying: “He (Mamoun Homeida) has never disappointed me and is not looking for money.”

The President’s support has motivated Prof. Mamoun to continue forward and implement his policies and move services to marginalized areas outside Khartoum City.

Prof. Mamoun expressed his pride for the success of his policies, which have brought medical services to the citizens.

The hospital also will contribute to improve medical services and training of staff in the medical and health field. This in itself is an achievement added to the long successes Prof. Mamoun.

View the video of President Omar Al Bashir’s speech below: