UMST 20: Together…Protecting our Youth from Drugs

Forum in “Rehab al Fikr” – University of Medical Sciences and Technology

In collaboration with the National Federation of Sudanese Youth

Under the auspices of her Excellency Dr. Amal Al Bili, Minister of Social Development- Khartoum State


Program for Thursday 26 November, 2o15:

9 –9.30am Police sniffer dogs exhibition

9.30 –10.30am Rap music group and entertainment

(10.30am– 2pm: the symposium)

10.30 -10.35am Qur’an al Kareem (Recited by student, Abdullah Al-Ajeel)

10.35 –10.45am Professor Hassan Mohammed Ahmed, President of the UMST

10.45- 10.55am Alaldeen Mohammed Ahmed, President of the Unity of National Youth in Khartoum State

10.55 –11.05am Maj. Gen. (police) Mohammed Abdullah Al Naiem, Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration

11.05 to11.15am Dr. Amal Al Bili, Minister of Social Development – State of Khartoum


11.15 –11.20am Professor Farid Bashir, Chair

11.20 -11.30am Professor Jizouli Dafallah, Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Drugs: The role of the National Committee in the fight against drugs

11.30 –11.40am Dr. Abdul Aziz Ahmed Omar, representative from the life of the center of psychological and social rehabilitation: Addiction issues and Treatment

11:40 – 11:50am– Major General (Police) Dr. Ahmed Awad Aljamal, Drug Control Adviser: Drugs Demand and Reduction in Sudan (Facts and statistics)

11.50 – 12pm Student Abdul Rahman Mohammed Hadi, President of A Drop of Hope Association: The luring of young people to drugs and how to resist it

Key inputs:

12 -12.07pm Dr. Ali Baldo Psychiatric Specialist

12.07 –12.14pm Professor Sati Mohammed Al-Haj (lawyer)

12.14 –12.21pm Dr. Dean (police) Omar Mohammed Hussein

12.21 –12.28pm Dr. Yusuf Ali Yusuf specialists – psychology

12.28 –12.35pm Student Mohammed Ahmed Babiker, President of the UMST Students Association