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Economic, Social & Environmental Studies


Dr Arbab Ismail Babiker Faris

Dean, Faculty of Economic, Social & Environmental Studies
  • Faculty Registrar: Alwia Ahmed
  • Contact : : +249-183-228614
  • ECO Staff

Welcome to Faculty of Economic, Social & Environmental Studies – UMST

The Faculty of Economic, Social and Environmental Studies earns its distinction from viewing human experience in its interdisciplinary context, and by looking beyond the limits of traditional approaches to a much wider set of issues that encompasses economic, social, cultural, environmental and moral aspects. The Faculty’s teaching programmes prepare students to understand the complexities of socioeconomic policies, comprehend the ways in which globalising economies shape human behavior, and appreciate the role played by social forces and cultural change in promoting individual well-being.


The mission of the Faculty of Economic, Social and Environmental Studies is to advance knowledge of economics, sociology, international relations and the social and cultural dynamics of ecological sustainability. It does so through interdisciplinary research and scholarship, teaching, outreach focused on socioeconomic policy choices, environmental awareness, international communication and decision making. The faculty will carry out this mission in productive and strategic interaction with government, business, non-governmental organisations and citizens at the local, regional and international levels. The Faculty is committed to endow society with comprehensive visionary social scientists and stimulate knowledge-culture atmosphere in Sudan that is founded on academic excellence and the principles of environmental justice and sustainable socioeconomic development.


Human well-being, in its natural and community contexts, provides the academic and moral compass for the Faculty of Economic, Social and Environmental Studies and is reflected in its responsive curriculum. In conducting its portfolio of programs the faculty is guided by a set of clearly defined values. These values encompass respect for all stakeholders at all times, highest level of integrity, ethical and professional culture through the rigorous pursuit of excellence, provision of support and care to all students and staff, and the fostering of scholarship and collegiality that support positive contribution to society.


The Faculty of Economic, Social and Environmental Studies aspires to train and empower future national and international leading social scientists to effectively contribute to the process of creating a sustainable society that embodies respect and care for community of life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice, democracy, and peace. This vision inspires the Faculty to achieve excellence in its teaching and research programmes and to strive for recognition as the first choice provider of high quality education and research in social sciences in the region and beyond.

Course Phases :

The curriculum is based on the integration of the basic knowledge of the Economic, Social and Environmental Sciences fostered by the practical experience from the regular field visits.

Departments :

- (a) Sociology
- (b) Applied Economics
- (c) Environmental Studies
- (d) International Relations and Strategic Studies

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