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UMST Chairman of the Board

Professor Mamoun M. A. Homeida:

I believe that intellectual capital is one of the most important elements of production. It possesses the cornerstone of knowledge and the methods of merging and analyzing information and experiences to find the reasons for convergence, disagreement, convergence, union or difference. This enables the inventor of a new inventor such as a patent or intellectual property or the combination of two or more elements to facilitate a particular process or to develop an old invention or increase its effectiveness or other results that lead to knowledge.

The principal Office through its departments provides administrative, financial and technical support for the various components of the university in order to facilitate the work procedures and create safe and suitable environment for the work. The principal office is in charge of running all that would serve the university to achieve lead in teaching, scientific research and community service, through which the interest of the human resources , which is the cornerstone of the educational and administrative process at the university.