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Tuition fees for the academic year 2021-2022

How to supervise and evaluate a research& Presentation: Technical skills of publishing

Mental Health Conscious Academic Environment At UMST : A SOAT Analysis

World mental health day

Sudan Development Institute magazine

Greeting from Cambridge worldwide academy


13th International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC)

Cambridge worldwide academy congratulates (UMST) on the Silver Jubilee

معرض الكتاب و الفنون التشكيلية و التراثية بجامعة العلوم الطبية و التكنولوجيا ، تحت شعار : الثقافة حياة

The Latest Directions on Fighting Drugs and the New Methods of Treating Addiction

GO TO MARKET COMPETITION Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship

DBA Thesis Defense

مسابقة اليوبيل الفضي لجامعة العلوم الطبية والتكنولوجيا لأفضل أطروحة من الكليات الطبية بالجامعات السودانية

Workshop on Students Assessment & Evaluation

مشاركة اللجنة التنفيذية لجمعية رفقة لرعاية الايتام في مؤتمر الشباب القومي لريادة الأعمال

Global Master of Entrepreneurship Award Ceremony

Sports cultural week organized by the Sports Cultural Association

Congratulations to our student from the 3rd Edition of the Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship Ethar Yousif

Postgraduate Programs for 2021 University of Medical Sciences and Technology

Diploma in Research Methodology and Biostatistics – Batch 18

University of Medical Sciences and Technology Silver Jubilee Competition

The International Conference on Computer, Control, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICCCEEE20)

Charity curative health convoy

The British Society for Haematology 2021Annual Scientific Meeting

Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship Graduation Ceremony

DBA Thesis Defense ,Faculty of Business Administration extent

نعي اليم تنعي أسرة كلية إدارة الأعمال بجامعة العلوم الطبية والتكنولوجيا

دورة تدريبية في ادارة الجامعات و المؤسسات الطبية

Announcement of the Silver Jubilee Scholarships 2021

Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication

منح اليوبيل الفضي لجامعة العلوم الطبية و التكنولوجيا

Calendar of date for semester 1 & 2 academic year (2020-2021)

the conferring of the master’s in business administration degree

Important Announcement (University of Medical Sciences and Technology)

Meeting with OVCI Country Representative

Admission guide 2021 (The University of Medical Science and technology)

Workshop in Dermatolog (UMST)

University of Medical Sciences and Technology Prize (جائزة جامعة العلوم الطبية والتكنولوجيا )

External Examiners of faculty of Business Administration

Business Idea Competition-Edition 3

Opening admission for a new batch of the College of Dentistry

مسابقة لنيل درجة الماجستير في الإعلام

Congratulation to successful student in secondary school certificate

UMST Lecturer Successfully Defends DBA Thesis

Global MBA in Impact_Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition, Edition 2

WHO Employee of the Month

The ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting

Partial scholarships for the global MBA program

SHRM Certified Professional

Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship: Financial Model Pitch

The Financial Mid-Boot Camp of the Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship

Presence of UMST will be held in the Netherlands

UMST Success with Chevening Scholarship

E4Impact-TOT Finance Module Award

UMST-Mashrouy COVID-19 Entrepreneurship Initiative

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Congratulations UMST for the video of the month

The First Issue of UMST Journal for Engineering Sciences

Final Clinical and Oral Examination MSc Family Medicine

M.Sc. Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound Announcement

1st Edition of the Business Model Compétition 2019

Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship: Financial Model Competition

Batch 21 Medicines Reveling in Brilliance and Accomplishment

Evaluation of audit expectation gap in Sudan

Opening of Al – Zaytouna Charity Center at Al-Salama

Sudanese Association of Pediatrics (SAP) 23rd Scientific Conference, Blood Diseases in Children

Rehab Al-Fikr” Organized a Symposium on Provision of Medicines

Dr. Ikram Mohammed Eltayeb and another Sound Publication

Curriculum Development of Family & Community Medicine

UMST Public and Tropical Health Programmes Secure another Resounding Success

University Open Day for HIV / AIDS Awareness

Ms Afraa Alhaj Urinary Tract Infection

Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf Key Figure at International Conference

UMST Event to Cherish: Welcoming the New Students !

Dr.Loai Osman achieved pioneering procedure

Finding new ways to repair the heart – Fellows’ seminar by Mazin Sirry

UMST | Engineering Graduation Research Papers Presented at ICCCEEE18

Graduation thesis of batch14/ dentistry/ UMST

UMST-External Examiners Dinner & Graduates Celebration

Safeguarding and Neuro developmental Pediatrics Workshop

UMST-Meeting to Organize Celebration Event of the top 100 Students of Sudan School Certificate!

Welcoming the External Examiners

UMST Students of the Faculty of Economics and Environmental Studies, succeeded in providing solar energy appliances to Wadi Alrawakeeb Primary School for Girls

Dr.Mazin Sirry Receives Prestigious Fellowship for Early Career Researchers

Congratulations to Batch 3 student Yousra Abelmoneim of Department of Electrical Engineering

UMST Condolences .. UMST staff offers its deepest condolences

Greatness Thrust upon her! Dr. Safa

Congratulations!on Achieving of Pharmacognosy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy

The filed trips of Faculty of Economic, Social and Environmental Studies (FESES) to the Sudan National Museum and to Wadi Alrawakeeb

Environmental Association – Clean Campus Campaign Event

Promotion to Associate Professor


Dr Amel Abdelgadir Ali Evaluate nursing curriculum of Zamzam’s College

Global Health Pharmacy Sudan 2017- Certificate Course

First National Nursing & Midwifery Issues Conference

Architecture Students to Begin Zero-Training

BND, Faculty of Nursing Rural Residency

Faculty of Law visit the Legislative Council

Faculty of Law Students Visit Kober Prison

Nursing Research Seminar Workshop

UMST, University of Genoa Award First Laser Dentistry Diplomas

New Issue of My UMST “جامعتي” Out now

Celebrating the International Day of the Elderly under the auspices of the College of Nursing

Business Plan Competition 2019

Restructuring the B. Pharm Curriculum Workshop

Faculty of Nursing Sciences Observe Global Hand washing Day

Dr Musa Elkheir Publishes Science & Development Article

Pharmacy Staff & Students Papers Accepted in Intl. Conferences

RCRU Publishes Research in BMC Pregnancy &Childbirth UK Journal

Dean's speech at the opening of the Faculty of Nursing Curriculum workshop

Nursing Sciences Raising Awareness of Watery Diarrhea in Al Jazira State

Engineering Students Papers Accepted in International Conference

Congratulations to Nursing Sciences Graduates 2017

Congratulations to Nursing Sciences Graduates 2017

Dr. Abdalla Aljabry Publishes Paper in Intl. Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

UMST Celebrates Pharmacy Graduates

Faculty of Business Administration Welcomes External Examiners

Faculty of Computer Sciences Welcomes Dr. Shargabi

Nursing Assessment and Management Lecture

Faculty of Nursing Sciences Welcomes External Examiners

Batch 4 Economics Students Present Oral Projects

Apply Now for PGdip/ MSc Information Systems

DBA Admission Now Open (third batch)

Apply Now for Master of Business Administration

Medicine & Dentistry Top Graduates Honoured

Medicine & Dentistry Top Graduates Honoured

External Examiners Praise Medicine Batch 19 & Dentistry Batch 17

External Examiners Praise Medicine Batch 19 & Dentistry Batch 17

Pharmacy Graduate Awarded Swedish Institute Scholarship

Dina Ghandour Publishes Research in IJAR

Faculty of Dentistry Welcomes External Examiners

Congratulations to the Faculty of Engineering

UMST President Prof. Hassan Ahmed Publishes Book

Faculty of Pharmacy Graduates Pass FPGEE in USA

The external examiner program and reviewing the curriculum of the College of Nursing

Faculty of Dentistry Dental Care Visits 2016-17

Nursing Sciences Students Present Proposals to Scientific Research Committee

Nursing Technology Holds Cleanliness Awareness Day

UMST Combats Acute Watery Diarrhea

Dr Yusuf Kani Publishes Paper in Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Dr Amel Abdelgadir Evaluates University of Garden City’s Nursing Curriculum

Faculty of Nursing Sciences Collaborates to Fight Watery Diarrhea

Raising Awareness of Schistosomiasis in East Nile

Nursing Sciences MSc Students Campaign Against Schistosomiasis

UMST 2nd Clinical Law Program

Dr Amel Abdelgadir Participates in 3rd Forum of Deans of Sudanese Nursing Faculties

UMST Alumna Publishes Paper in Journal of Clinical Engineering

Faculty of Nursing Sciences Trip to El Sabalouga

Dr Amel Abdelgadir Participates in SEDI Workshop

UMST Economics, Social & Environmental Students Visit Port Sudan

UMST Nursing Staff Participate in Clinical Instructor Workshop

UMST Academic Exhibition 2016-17

Schistosomiasis Awareness in Jebel Ouliya

National Standards for Quality Workshop

Statistical Analysis of the Advancement of Research Results Workshop

UMST Faculty of Law: Honoring a Legal Pillar

Dr Hanan Tahir Appointed Head of Unit of International Network of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Haifa)

UMST Holds 4th Universities and Medical Institutions Management Course

The initiative of the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in cooperation with the World Health Organization to combat watery diarrhea in the area of Ed Babiker - locality east of the Nile

Dr Alnazier Osman Participates in ABET Workshop

Higher Education Council approves 3 new Engineering Programs

UMST congratulates Khalid Altayeb and Abdalrhman Hashim

Laser Dentistry Fellowship -Part Two

Master Program in Ultrasound Diagnosis Reception of students of the first batch

Congratulations to MSc Information Systems Batch 1

Wuhan Institute of Science & Technology Collaborates with UMST

MSc Information Systems: Batch 3 Timetable

UMST Welcomes Dr. Lubna A. Gabralla

Second Fellowship in Advanced Laser Dentistry

UMST Faculty of Nursing Student Assessment & Evaluation Workshop

Dr Mazin Sirry recognised by Elsevier

UMST Alumna Shortlisted for DAL GDP

Faculty of Law Holds Academic Reform Workshop

Apply Now: Fellowship in Laser Dentistry

Dr Amin Sharafeldin Banaga Promoted to Associate Professor

College of Nursing Sciences Creative Forum first

Faculty of Law Graduates First Batch

Nigerian First Cultural Day

Faculty of Computer Science 2016 Graduation

Computer Science Final Year Project Exhibition 2016

Dr Mohammed Izzeldin Promoted to Associate Professor

UMST Batch 15 & 5 BND Nursing Students Rural Residency Begins

Faculty of Law: Academic Meeting of Minds

UMST Attends 18th Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties Conference

UMST Donates ECT Machine to Taha Ba’asher Hospital

UMST Awards First PhD by Research to Zerabruk Tesfamariam

Apply Now: MSc/ PgDip Infection Prevention Control

Dr Amel Abdelgadir Ali Mohamed Publishes Paper

Public & Tropical Health Programmes Welcome External Examiners

Dr Ahmed Hassan Publishes Papers in IJDR

RCRU Publishes Paper in Open Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr Amin Banaga Publishes Paper

UMST MSc Graduate Granted Swiss PhD Scholarship

UMST Collaborates with National Population Council

UMST Enters MoU with Mycetoma Research Institute

UMST Graduate College to Collaborate with University of Asmara

Dr Ikram Mohammed Eltayeb Publishes 2 Papers

Faculty of Engineering Holds Introductory Lecture

Internship Opportunity for Engineering Graduates

Faculty of Engineering Celebrates Top Students

Dr. Mohammed Al Shargabi gives Lecture

Iman Omar Yousif Earns Top Marks with Project

Professor William Ray Enjoys Ramadan Iftar

Professor William Ray Gives Lecture

Engineering Students Final Year Projects Exhibit

Dr Maha Abdelraheem Participates in UNESCO-Japan Regional Workshop

UMST Introduces Three New Courses

Faculty of Computer Science & IT Holds Educational Lecture

International Nurses Day 2016

UMST Students Visit Merowe Town

Dr Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Ali Earns PhD

Dr Salaheldin Ibrahim Mohammed Awarded Prize for Research

Faculty of Engineering presents: How to Market a Graduation Project Lecture

Business Lecturer Dina Ghandour Awarded Best Paper in Intl Conference

Competency Based Assessment in Nursing Education

Dr Amal Abdelgadir Ali Presents Paper at International Conference

Nursing Sciences Accreditation and Quality Assurance Workshop

UMST Engineering Students Visit Sudanese-Turkish Training Center

Faculty of Nursing Sciences Participates in National Workshop

Faculty of Engineering Presents: How to Write a Good Paper Lecture

UMST Faculty of Economic, Social & Environmental Studies Graduate Exhibition 2014-2015

Faculty of Mass Communications Exhibit 2015

UMST offers 40 scholarships to College of Nursing Sciences

UMST Students Visit Port Sudan

UMST’s Dr. Ikram Elsiddig Presents Paper at International Conference

UMST Honors Faculty of Nursing Sciences

UMST Graduate Research Wins 3rd Place in Student Forum

UMST Nursing Students Begin Rural Residency Program

UMST Student Plays with National Team in Africa Futsal Cup of Nations Tournament

UMST Faculty of Nursing Sciences Wins Excellence Award

Turkish University Delegation Visit’s UMST Faculty of Engineering

UMST’s Dr Salah Shanan Awarded PhD

UMST Business Student Passes CMA Exams

UMST’s Dina Ghandour Presents Paper at International Conference

Dr Amna Beshir to Present Workshop at Pharma Middle East ’15

Mashrouy Competition Promotion Team Visits UMST

Pharmacy Students Visit Khartoum Water Treatment Plant

UMST Business Lecturer Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

RCRU Research Published by BMC Public Health

Welcome to new Mass Communications Students 2015

Welcome to Computer Science & Information Technology Students

UMST Business Graduate Passes ACCA

UMST Participates in 61st International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation

International Nurses Day 2015

International Academic Competition

Faculty of Law Students Visit the National Assembly

Economic, Social & Environmental Studies Forum

Law Students Visits Judiciary Museum

Faculties of Dentistry, Medical Laboratory Sciences Accredited

French Professor of Management Visits UMST

Dignitaries Visit UMST Faculty of Law

UMST Student Trip to Al Dindir National Park

Rural Residency

Rural Residency ..Introduction The course is offered

Environmental Studies Graduate Exhibition

UMST Faculty of Law Graduate Exhibition

Faculty of Nursing Sciences Takes Part in Society Meeting

Executive Committee of the Association of Colleges of Nursing Arab meeting

Visit to the Sudanese Association for Environmental Protection

UMST Students Visit Central Bank of Sudan

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Training Course

Towards Zero Waste Project

Environmental Studies Trip to Port Sudan

Student Field Trip to Bajrawia

Batch 1 Economics Students Visit Albutana