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Sudan Development Institute (SDI) is entrusted with stimulating the desirable strong link between UMST and the local and international communities. The main concern of SDI is to coordinate the on-going development efforts exerted by the government, international agencies, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. This formidable task requires attaining breakthroughs in approaches at the cutting-edge of the hard sciences, the social sciences, ethics and politics. SDI bridges the gaps between various disciplines to coherently address the socio-economic problems facing Sudan. In doing so, SDI will go a long way to boost UMST’s endeavour to extend its influence and reveals its prestige to a wider audience both locally and globally.


Play a major role in generating, mobilizing and sharing knowledge that transforms Sudan to a developed country, where poverty is minimized and social justice is commonplace.


Interact with a network of national, regional and international partners to reach practical solutions to the development problems facing Sudan and other countries in the region, through the innovative use of teaching, training, consultancy, research and policy analysis, leading to the realization of the vision.


• Leadership Programme.
• Policy Analysis Programme.
• Capacity Building Programme.
   -  Short Courses.
    -  Single Courses.
• Graduate Studies Programme.
   -   Short Courses.
       o MA (Health and Society).
       o MA (Leadership).
       o MA (Environmental Impact Assessment and Management):
       o MA (Urban Planning).
       o MA (Development Economics).
   -   Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies..
• Consultancy and Research Programme..
• Information and Documentation Programme..

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