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professor. Asim Abdelrahman Daffalla

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  • Phone : 0912964662
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Vision :

To be a leading regional institute that benefits society and that helps to sustain knowledge-based society.
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Mission :

Support multi-disciplinary research for faculty and students by enhancing the environment for creative scholarly work with high level of quality and integrity which stimulates knowledge-based society. Specifically the DSR will:
– Promote effective sustainable fund raising of research that allow the university to grow and fulfills its said objectives.
– Institute ethical standards and guidelines for the university that ensure high level of integrity and compliance
– Develop and encourage interdisciplinary research projects and research centers of excellence within the university
– Coordinate with other national and international institutions to contribute to the national research agenda and policies.
– Facilitate commercialization of research outcome by encouraging and inviting industrial communities to utilize the outcome of research carried at UMST.
– Develop an infrastructure and culture that encourages, supports and recognizes excellence.
– Promote the involvement of students at all level to be engaged in the research process.
– Increase the publication in high quality journals.
– Organize national and international conferences