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Professor Abdulazim Elshikh Mohamed

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty Registrar: Abdulazim Elshik
  • Contact : +249-183-228614
  • Pharmacy Staff

Welcome to Faculty of Pharmacy – UMST

The new role of the pharmacist as a consultant and counselor is highlighting pharmacists as essential partners in the general health care process. This is coupled with the fact that medicines are constantly developing and changing on a daily basis. Thus, pharmacists must alIMG_3029ways keep their knowledge updated

Mission :

To achieve a successful career in the pharmaceutical field, many years of hard work and study lie ahead of pharmacy students. They must learn to use their time wisely by balancing study time, community service activities and the use of recreational facilities within the university. To achieve a high quality standing, students must study on a daily basis, and they should seek advice from their assigned advisers on all academic matters which will enhance good study techniques. To be successful in the Faculty of Pharmacy, the students must develop in three main areas namely:
- Knowledge
- Skills
- Attitude (Work ethic)
The Faculty and staff are committed to enabling the pharmacy students to become essential partners in quality health care service through an excellent knowledge base, study, work skills and attitude. Public engagement and social events .
Our students regularly participate in various cultural, social and community service activities including the following:
- College annual exhibition
- Cultural week (cultural events, football league …etc.)
- Charity and voluntary work
- Medical convoys
- UMST got talent and other student association events