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Faculty of Engineering


Dr Dalia Mahmoud Adam Mahmoud

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Welcome to Faculty of Engineering – UMST

UMST University established the Faculty of Engineering in 2002 to manage graduate education and research. The Faculty of Engineering manages teaching and research programs in the Faculty’s departments of Biomedical, Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Specialisation-Option courses are designed to introduce the students to specialization in specific areas.

Students select either from among departmental courses based on their personal interests or choose one or two option sequences from among those specified by their department.

mission :

The Faculty of Engineering strives to be:

- A leader in its field, recognised locally and internationally for excellence and focus on quality, renowned for its competitiveness and relevance through continuous innovation.
- A home for scholars, employers and those requiring research solutions.
- Sending lecturers and teaching assistants to educational courses to improve their performance and skills.
- Build the culture of integrity by offering connection between the Biomedical, Electronics and Electrical Engineering. And the other medical and electronics specialisations.
- Supporting research and providing funds.
- Training courses in Biomedical, Electronics and Electrical Engineering for technicians and specialists.
- Organising lectures, workshops and seminars about new technologies in the field.