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Business Administration


Dr Mohamed Ahmed Farag Malik

Dean, Faculty of Business Administration

Welcome to Faculty of Business Administration – UMST

Established in 2003, as one of the youngest and most entrepreneurial business schools in Sudan, with a reputation for innovative business education. The faculty combines the highest standards of academic rigor with a practical understanding of business and wealth creation. Moreover, the faculty is engaged in boundary- extending links on key management issues in dialogue with the wider intellectual community and practitioners.


The mission of the faculty is to serve the society in Sudan by producing modern, creative and innovative administrative and financial science graduates. The courses are designed to enable students to conduct modern business using the latest science and technology thus leading towards development and sustainable peace in the country.


Students are expected to participate effectively in all faculty activities. Student exchanges, fairs and training opportunities are among activities which link the faculty with the wider community. Graduate research is a key factor in evaluating and promoting these potential entrepreneurs together with other relevant fields. Students in professional and community services programs are linked to community problems and are required to take field trips and enable empowerment and assessment programs in rural areas. A set of public lectures to discuss current issues and professional topics is one of the major faculty activities.


The objective of the Faculty of Business Administration is to be a leading business faculty in Sudan, Africa and the Middle East in the near future.

Course Phases :

The undergraduate courses are designed to enable students to conduct modern business using the latest advances in science and technology. The major specialisations of the undergraduate program are:

- (a) BSc Business Administration: (Business Administration)
- (b) BSc Business Administration: (Marketing)
- (c) BSc Business Administration: (Accounting)
- (d) BSc Business Administration: (Finance)

Course Phases