Welcome to new Mass Communications Students 2015

Dear UMST Student,

It is our pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of everyone here at the University of Medical Sciences Technology and to acknowledge your choice of  UMST for your university education.We are committed to helping you create a positive university experience, which we hope will be one of the best experiences of your life! Successful students tend to take advantage of the numerous opportunities UMST offers. It is our hope you will do the same.

Let me tell you about our vision in this university: “To create a brilliant and bright future for the University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST) from which the students, faculty, staff, the nation and the world will benefit. UMST values excellence, quality and service. UMST continuously seeks to foster innovation and creativity”.

All new students must complete the Housing and First Year Seminar Applications in due course. The applications ask for your housing choices and your First Year Seminar choices. The completion of these Applications is date-stamped, which means the likelihood of you acquiring your top choice selections is favorable if returned in a timely manner. The website also outlines other required documents (e.g., Health forms, Immunization Records, etc.) and when those documents are due. Please refer to the “New Student Checklist” for important information and due dates. You’ll need your University network ID and password to access many of the items on the checklist. This information was included in your deposit confirmation letter.

UMST provides a unique opportunity for you to develop a lifelong passion for learning. We hope you will contribute your time and talent by being involved in music, fine arts, community service, organizations, athletics, and many other important activities. When coupled with the richness that comes from learning in a diverse environment, a stronger sense of community is built, which makes the University of UMST a very special place. To that end, we strongly encourage you to always keep an open mind to the unique gifts, interests, and needs of those with whom you share a classroom, residence hall, or any other living-learning space on this university.

Lastly, know we strive to put students first in all our endeavors. If ever there comes a time you feel otherwise, it is significant for you to share your ideas,thoughts, and feelings with us so we can work together to make this university the best community possible. You can also begin to build community with your new peers by joining the www.facebook.com/umstofficial! Facebook page and our website is: http://www.umst-edu.sd/.

Welcome to the University of UMST, we are glad you are becoming a “Member of our family for Life”.