UMST Student Open Day: November 2015

Following the great success of October’s events, the deanship of Student Affairs has organized more cultural and educational trips for UMST’s students this month. Activities will begin at 10am and finish at 1pm.

First stop:  The National Museum. The entrance fee for students is SDG 1.

Second stop: Visit to Dar Al Rashad and to the orphanage for the care of orphaned children.

A medical convoy of students and graduates from medical colleges will also be visiting Abu Jira neighborhood, east of the Nile. Students will stay the night and return the following Friday morning.

Students wishing to take part in any or all of the activities should visit the Office of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Amira Kamil Wagie-Alla to register their name and reserve a place.

Students will return to campus on Thursday to more activities and entertainment, which will include a talk on Cancer, a workshop on face reading and personality analysis, a police dog exhibition and musical and comedic entertainment.