UMST President Welcomes Students to New Semester 2016-17

Dear students,

I am delighted to welcome you for the new academic year 2016/2017. We look forward with optimism to the academic year ahead. I hope that you all can feel a sense of enthusiasm and anticipation as classes begin.

This September we have the privilege of greeting new students across the university from Sudan and other countries drawn to UMST by its numerous degree programs, its outstanding faculties, its strong infrastructure, well innovated programmes and its local, regional and international reputation.

The administration, faculty, the staff and our returning students join me in extending good wishes to the new in-take and transfer students who are enrolling for the first time. We are excited to have you here and looking forward that you will make to the intellectual life in this university.

The University is working towards fulfilling its community objectives in creating scholarship in various faculties so we congratulate the new students at the Faculty of Dentistry and Nursing Sciences who are successful to join us with full scholarship. We are expecting that you would show as your exceptional academic participation.

Our campus continually earns top rankings in terms of our academic quality, diversity and environmental sustainability.
We encourage our students and all members of our academic community to be full participants in the free and open exchange of ideas. We commit ourselves to upholding the values we cherish, and to foster an atmosphere that is respectful, supportive and welcoming to all.

We are proud to have you as part of our UMST family.

This year we urge you to be prepared, to work hard with dedication and patience, concentrate on your studies, show your abilities and capabilities as UMST has envisioned to provide quality to graduates.

UMST informs you that English language is the language of instruction in the University and will be taught throughout your study course.

The Student evaluation system in the UMST includes a mid-semester examination which contributes by 30% to the end of semester exams except in the Preparatory College which will contribute by 25%.

UMST introduces a day in each month (Thursday) for extra-curricular activities which will include trips, sports, social lectures, exhibitions and other Student Union activities. You are all urged to participate in the activities.

Wishing you a pleasant new academic year and continued success to achieve both educational and personal excellence.

Professor Hassan Mohammed Ahmed Ali


President, UMST