UMST Participates in Career Development Workshop for Women in Physics

fatmaUMST University’s Physics Lecturer, Fatema Abdallah Musa Ahmed from the Preparatory College took part in the Career Development Workshop for Women in Physics last October 2015 in Trieste, Italy.

Ms. Ahmed contributed to the seminar with a paper entitled, Women in Physics in Sudan.fatma2

The workshop was organized by The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)  with the goal of bringing together women physicists from all over the world (with a special focus on developing countries), so that they can share their thoughts and learn from each others experiences.

The event also offered “mini-workshops”that deal with the various “non-academic” skills that are needed to succeed in a career in science that male physicists often acquire through the old boys’ network, but that women, being more isolated and thus lacking mentors, may find harder to pick up.