UMST Nursing Students Begin Rural Residency Program

NtripAs part of their BSc. N program, UMST’s Nursing students are required to spend a minimum of 10 days in a rural area in Sudan and live with the community. Last Saturday 21 November, 2015, Batch 14 (33 students) traveled to Omgerra area, east Nile locality in Khartoum state and will stay until Monday 30 November, 2015.Ntrip2

Students prepared for the program a month before (with health education, seminars, lectures and training sessions) to identify the community needs by preparing questionnaires about family assessment to identify the health problems in the community, especially the vulnerable population.

Ntrip3By the end of the rural residency program, the student is expected to submit one comprehensive full report to their supervisor and the report is then raised to the president of the university by the community department through the faculty dean. So far students have resided in 13 areas in Sudan and covered around 70 villages. Many organizations participate in this event, such as the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, WHO and local community organisations.