UMST Leadership

President of UMST University, Professor Hassan Mohammed Ahmed

IMG_6125Welcome to the University Of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST)

I first came to the UMST in June, 2000. That was my first encounter with the excellence of this University, and with the mission and support that made it accessible to me to dean its faculty of Medicine up to April, 2008. That’s why I am devoting this next chapter of my life to the mission of this University, and to the future of its students.

As president, I am committed to:

  • Innovating how we teach and learn, and ensuring an exceptional undergraduate experience and rigorous graduate environment.
  • Re-imagining how we operate and function.
  • Defending the values of this University to the people of this country.
  • Leading a University that understands that diversity is critical to achieving excellence.
  • Together, we can meet the global standards of education in the 21st century.
  • And together, we can place the UMST among the best public research universities.

With our ability, staff members, students, laboratories, equipment and technology, our scholars are engaged everyday in investigations that offer great promise for cures, for technological advances, and for new understanding of the world’s social and political problems.
Embedded within the UMST undergraduate and postgraduate training is a strong component of research as prerequisite to university degrees, but even more than results, research produces trained people capable of finding the next generation advances.
Our professional students – from pharmacy to public health, from dentistry to business – have in their hands the future of our health, our companies, our government, our society.
Excellence in research extends far beyond the laboratory or clinic. The humanities, social sciences and arts are also integral to our research mission.

Let’s cooperate to do it together.

Thank you

Director of Academic Affairs, Ms Asma Abdelwakil

UMST University is an accredited institution that has provided rigorous, fundamental degree programs to students for 19 years. We are proud to host a community of highly motivated students and accomplished faculty, all sharing a common desire to succeed–and to make a constructive social impact.

UMST’s experienced instructors and dedicated staff can help you accomplish your classes around your professional and personal obligations. Our center, library, tutoring services, and other student support programs are all designed to make your education as convenient as possible.

Our degree programs are created by industry-experienced researchers who frequently evaluate all coursework to ensure that it is current and relevant to your needs. We are committed to helping you become a scholar-expert, by teaching you to integrate academic research into your practical experience.