UMST Faculty of Medicine Certified Nationally in USA

certusUMST University’s Faculty of Medicine is proud to announce as from February 9, 2015 is granted National Certification by the AMRCB.

This distinguished level of certification is granted based upon evidence that FOM/UMST has established, met and achieved the goals of educating and preparing medical graduates to adequately practice medicine in the international arena, especially in the United States.

Certification Team

The certification team consists of 6 practicing & licensed physician in the United States:

  •     Adnan S. Khan, MD
  •     Adnan S. Khan, MD
  •     Salman Azin, MD
  •     Kishan B. Patel, MD
  •     James Schmidt, MD
  •     Lalarukh Malik, MD
  •     Stanley Babu, MD
  •     Catherine B. DelaCruz, Public Member / Observer

Certification Findings

The UMST was classified with the following categories for review:

  •     Institutional
  •     Academic
  •     Student
  •     Faculty
  •     Facility
  •     Financial

It is worth mentioning that the UMST achieved area of excellence in all categories mentioned and was found to be comparable with international medical schools.

This rigorous process was completed by the evaluation team that the faculty boasts promising medical students with intentions of becoming world class physicians and based on data that has been presented by UMST, the AMRCB is able to review and compare this figures from medical schools across the medical international community.

The UMST received a letter from the President & Chief Executive Officer of AMRCB, Dr. Steven W. Powell that he is in complete agreement with the recommendation by certification committee and that FOM/UMST certainly represents a qualified institution that provides good training for physician.

It has been found that the mission and vision statement of UMST is in line with what other medical schools across the national medical community strive for. Multiple faculty members of UMST have been with medical facility for many years. Faculty members range across multiple medical specialties required of a medical education that is competitive with other medical schools across the region.

An extensive medical curriculum exists for students attending UMST with an adequate number of faculty members teaching medical students. The basic and clinical sciences parallel what is generally taught at other medical schools. Examination format is conducted in various formats including internal, external, theory, oral, and multiple choice questions.

Multiple facilities exist that allow for a complete and well-rounded medical education at UMST.

UMST facilities were built with recent renovation and have security systems and security personnel in place.