UMST External Examiners 2018


External Examiner of Medicine
Dr. Jonathan Andrew Bennett
BSc Hons Biochemistry, MB CHB (Leeds),
MRCP(UK), FRCP(UK), MD (Nottingham).
CCST (Resp Med), CCST (GIM)
Consultant Respiratory/General Medicine
Glenfield General Hospital – UK



External Examiner of Surgery
Dr. Parnell Charles Keeling


External Examiner of Peridontology and Fixed Prosthodontics
Dr. Ahmed Alsemani Abdelsalam
BDS, MFDRcsi, D.Ch.Dent (Perio), FFDRcsi, EFP (Cert)
Department of Periodontology &Restorative Dentistry
Dublin Dental University Hospital
Lincoln place, Dublin 2


External Examiner of Pediatrics
Dr. Robert Leo Joseph Boon
MB BS(London), MRCP(London), FRCPCH
-Consultant Paediatrician Royal Manchester
Children’s Hospital
-Honorary Lecturer University of Manchester
Medical -School
-Senior Examiner (Elect) for MRCPCH Clinical


External Examiner of Obsterics & Gynecology
Dr. Salah Abdel Salam Salih Moghraby
Senior Consultant
Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Department of OB/GYN, KAMC, NGHA, Riyadh, KSA
Associate Professor
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
College of Medicine, KSAU-HS, KAMC, Riyadh, KSA
President of SNGMIGG
(Saudi National Guard Minimal Invasive
Gynaecology Group Affiliated to AAGL)


External Examiner of Endodonthics, Operative Dentistry
Prof Saad Al-Nazhan
King Saud University (Former) & Riyadh
Elm University (Current)
College of Dentistry – Endodontics, Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia


External Examiner of Pathology
Dr. Edward Leen
Professor of Pathology
Clinical Director Connolly Hospital, Dublin


External Examiner of Pharmacology
Dr. Ian Cubin
Liverpool John Moores University
School of Pharmacy


External Examiner of Anatomy
Dr. Sahar Abdul Rasool
Senior Lecturer
Department of Medical Biosciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences
University of Western Cape


External Examiner of Community Medicine
Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf,
Senior Lecturer in Public Health
Graduate Entry Medical School
University of Limerick, Ireland


External Examiner of Community Medicine
Prof. Maha Ghanem
Professor of Forensic Medicine & Clinical  Toxicology
Chairman of Ethics Committee
Faculty of medicine – Alexandria University


External Examiner of Chemical Pathology
Dr. Dallal Elkaffash
Professor of Clinical and Chemical Pathology
Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University


External Examiner of Physiology
Prof. Richard Brooksbank
BSc, BScHons, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Physiology, Wits Medical School


External Examiner of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Prof. Abdu Kaita Haruna
PhD, MSc, BSc
Professor of Pharmaecutical Chemistry
Vice Chancellor, Federal University Dutsinma


External Examiner of Electrical Engineering
Prof. Ibrahim M . El Amin
Electrical Engineering Department
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Dhahran, KSA


External Examiner of Pharmaceutics
Prof. Sumia Ser Alkhatem
Deputy Dean, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Ajman University of Sciences and Technology Network
Fujairah Campus, UAE


External Examiner of Electronics Engineering
Prof. Aisha Hassan Abdalla Hashim
PhD (Engineering), MSc (Computer Science),
BSc (Electronics Engineering)
Telecommunication & Control
Department of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, Faculty of Engineering,
International Islamic University Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia


External Examiner of Radiography Sciences
Ms. Fathima Mulla
Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences, South Africa


External Examiner of International Relations & Strategic Studies
Dr. Scott Fitzsimmons, PhD
Lecturer in International Relations
Chair of the Postgraduate Committee
Department of Politics and Public Administration
University of Limerick


External Examiner of ICC, CCU Emergency & Medical /Surgical Nursing
Dr. Jehad Omar Al- Halabi, PhD. RN
Associate Professor
College of Nursing Jeddah
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for
Health Sciences, National Guard,
Jeddah KSA


External Examiner of Law
Prof. Auwalu Hamisu Yadudu
LL.M, S.J.D. (USA), B.L. (Lagos)
LL.B. (Zaria)
Law Lecturer at Bayero University,
Kano Nigeria


External Examiner of Computer Sciences
Prof. Keun Ho Ryu,
Database/Bioinformatics Laboratory
Cheonju, South Korea


External Examiner of Neonatal Nursing & Community –Pediatric Nursing
Dr. Raghad Hussein Abdal Qader
PhD in Philosophy Nursing, MSc in Critical
Nursing Care, BSc Degree in Nursing
Assitant Professor at Maternity & Child Health
Department, Faculty of Nursing, Applied Science
Private University, Amman


External Examiner of Biochemistry
Visiting Professor Michael A Crawford, PhD, FRSB, FRCPath, Surgery and Cancer,
AImperial College, London,
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Campus, Room H 3,34
369 Fulham Road, London SW10 9NH, U.K.

UMST External Examiners 2017

Faculty of Medicine: (Batch 19)

IMG_9348Dr. Maher  Mustafa Hamed
External Examiner of Medicine
Consultant Physician and Clinical Director for Acute Medicine,
Honorary Lecturer
James Cook University Hospital


IMG_9347Dr. Fathy Zakarya Ali El- Sewy
External Examiner of Medicine
Professor of Internal Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine
Alexandria University


IMG_9350Dr. Robert Leo Joseph Boon
External Examiner of Paediatrics
Consultant general paediatrician
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital,


Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Ali El- Sheikh
External Examiner of Obs . & Gynae
Professor of Obs. & Gynae of U.K
Head, UNESCO chair in Bioethics

IMG_9349Mr. Tariq Abdulhafiz
External Examiner of Surgery
Consultant General Surgeon
University of Dammam ,KSA

Faculty of Medicine: (Batch 20)

IMG_1225Prof. Edward Leen
External Examiner of Pathology
Professor of Pathology
Clinical Director
Connolly  Hospital,


IMG_1195Prof. Maha Abdel Hamid Ghanem
External Examiner of Forensic Medicine
Professor of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology
Department of Forensic Medicine
Faculty of Medicine
Alexandria University


Dr KDr. Khalifa Elmusharaf
External Examiner of Community Medicine
Senior Lecturer in Public Health,
University of Limerick


Faculty of Medicine: (Batch 21)

DrCDr. Ian James Cubbin
External Examiner of Pharmacology
Liverpool John Moores University
School of Pharmacy


IMG_1206Dr. Michael Keogh

External Examiner of Microbiology
Lecturer in Human Biology & Research
Laboratory Manager, RCSI

Faculty of Medicine: (Batch 22)

drmustafaProf. Mustafa Idris
External Examiner of Biochemistry
Professor of Biochemistry,
Ex. VC. University of Khartoum,
Assistant Secretary of the Association of Arab University,
Association of Arab University,
Amman, Jordon

IMG_1223Dr. Claire Tierney
External Examiner of Anatomy
Anatomy Lecturer,
Module Coordinator and HARC Medical Liaison,
University of Liverpool


dr alaaProf. Alaa Eldin Yousif
External Examiner of Physiology
Professor of Medical Physiology,
Alexandria University

Faculty of Dentistry: (Batch 17)

DrAhmedDr. Ahmed Alsemani Abdelsalam
External Examiner of Consarvative Dentistry & Fixed Prothodontics & Periodontics
Dental University Hospital, Trinity College,
Department of Restorative Dentistry and Periodontology,


DrSaadDr. Saad Abdelaziz Elnazhan
External Examiner of Endodontics
Operative Dentistry
College of Dentistry,
King Saud University
Department of Restorative Dental Sciences
Division of Endodontics
Saudi Arabia

Faculty of Pharmacy (Batch 14)

DrCDr. Ian James Cubbin
External Examiner of Pharmacology
Liverpool John Moores University
School of Pharmacy



drfahmiDr.  Mustafa Fahmi
External  Examiner of Pharmaceutical  Chemistry
Dean, School of Pharmacy
Ministry of Health
Sultanate of Oman


drsextonDr. John Sexton
External Examiner of Clinical Pharmacy
Principal Pharmacist Lecturer Practitioner
Royal and Broadgreen University Hospital,


Prof sumiaDr. Sumia Ser Alkhatem
External Examiner of Pharmaceutics
Associate Professor
Deputy Dean, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences,
Ajman University

Faculty of MLS (Batch 20)

Prof. Mustafa Mubarak ElKarsany
External Examiner of Microbiology
College of Medicine
Karrary University

Prof. Aldirdiri Ahmed Babiker Saeed
External Examiner of Parasitology
Professor of Parasitology
Khartoum, Sudan

Prof.  Dalal Elkaffash
External Examiner of Clinical Chemistry
Faculty of Medicine
Alexandria University.

Prof. Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed
External Examiner of Histopathology
College of Medicine
Department of Pathology.
University of Hail, KSA

Dr. Manal Mustfa
External Examiner of Heamatology
Assistant Professor of  Heamatology
Faculty of MLS, University  of Science & Technology

Faculty of Nursing Sciences: (Batch 15)

drmohDr. Mohannad Eid Rajab Abu Ruz
External Examiner of ICU, CCU
IRB Chairman
Applied Science Private University
Amman, Jordan

drraghadDr. Raghad Hussein Abdal Qader
External Examiner of MICH/ Neonate
Assistant Professor,
Faculty of Nursing
Applied Science Private University
Amman, Jordan

Faculty of Engineering: (Batch 11)
Dr. Raid Alkhattab
Engineer & CPO
Managing Director
Secretary General
Arab United  Association for Prosthetics and Orthotics

Dr.  Aisha Hassan Abdalla Hasim
External Examiner of Electronics
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering,
International Islamic University Malaysia,
Kuala Lumpur

Faculty of Business Administration (Batch11)

Dr. Sumaia Mohd El Zein Ahmed
External Examiner of Business Administration & Marketing
Ahfad University for Women
School of Management Studies

11Dr. Amal A/ Wakil  Mahmoud
External Examiner of Accounting & Finance
University of Bahrain

Faculty of Computer Science: (Batch 12)

IMG_1692Dr. Mohammed Abdulatef Al Shargabi
External Examiner of Computer Sciences
Assistant Professor in Computer Networks,
Coordinator for Academic Affairs,
Head of of Development & Quality Unit
College of Computer Sciences & Information Systems,
Najran University,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Faculty of Radiological Sciences:  (Batch 9)

rad2-300x240Mrs. Barbara Van Dyk
External Examiner of Radiography Science
University of Johannesburg
South Africa

Faculty of Economic, Social & Environmental Studies Batch 4

Prof. Mohammed Abdalla El- Rayah
External Examiner of Environmental Studies
Almogtarbeen University
Sudan, Khartoum

Dr. Sabir Mohammad Al- Hassan
External Examiner of Applied Economics
President and Managing director,
Sabir Consultancy

drfDr. Scott Fitzsimmons
External Examiner of International relation & Strategic Studies
Lecturer in International Relations
Chair of the Postgraduate Committee
Department of Politics and Public Administration
University of Limerick

Faculty of Mass communication (Batch 3)
Prof. Atta Hassaan
External Examiner of Public Relations
Dean, Faculty of Communication Sciences ,
University of Eljazeera,
Dubai, UAE

Faculty of Law (Batch 2)

dreimDr. Eimear Spain
External Examiner of Criminal Law
Senior Lecturer in Health Law,
University of Limerick