UMST 20: The Youth & Nation-building Forum

UMST University held the “Youth thinking and Nation-building” forum on Thursday 29 October 2015 at 10am on campus.

The event comes as part of UMST’s preliminary 20th anniversary celebrations (1996-2016) and kick started the beginning of monthly educational and social activities at the University.

The seminar on Thursday focused on the role of the youth in nation-building. Talks were given by:

1. Professor Abdul Rahim Ali, Director General of the Institute of the Arabic language to non-native speakers

2. Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Vice President of UMSTbritish

3. Dr. Ali Luqman, a professor at British universities and a member of the British Royal Society of Literature

4. Dr. Abdullah Hamdanallah from the International University of Africa, Sudan

The forum was held in Sheikh Kabir hall and was followed by cultural activities and live music from Sudanese band Sounds of the City.

The band was sponsored by the British Council in Sudan and consular staff were available throughout the day offering advice to British National students at UMST.