Rehab Al-Fikr” Hosts a Symposium on Provision of Medicines

A symposium on “How the national pharmaceutical industry will contribute to the Provision of Medicines” will be organized by the Forum of “Rehab Al-Fikr” at 12 noon, Saturday the 10th of November at the Global Conference Center (GCC).

The symposium will be addressed by HE Mutaz Musa, the Prime Minister, HE Dr. Suad Yousef Al Karib, State Minister of the Federal, Ministry of Health, Professor Mamoun Homeida, Minister of Health of the State of Khartoum, Dr. Zine El Abidine Abbas Al-Fahl, Secretary-General of the National Council for Drugs and Toxins, Dr. Jamal Khalafallah, Director General of the Fund for Medical Supplies, Dr. Ahmad Al-Badawi, Chairman of the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Dr. Salah Kambal, Head of Pharmaceutical Drugs Importers.
The public are cordially invited to participate at the symposium, and are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity for open discussion to highlight concerns, raise issues and to ask questions to enrich the meeting which is expected to propose solutions that will assist in facilitate provision of medicine for the benefit of the citizens at large.
It is worth mentioning that a Forum of Rehab Al-Fikr was established to organize a number of symposia, meetings and seminars, etc within the framework of defined objectives and goals aimed at highlighting the national outreach of the University, its involvement and interaction with the various strata of the Sudanese society, and to direct and suide the positive engagement of UMST students community. The University aspires, through the “Rehab Al-Fikr” Forum, to manifest its commitment to a well informed Responsibility strategies, policies and practices. The ultimate goal of the Forum is to establish sound measures to further extend the university outreach through intellectual, cultural and scientific activities offered through the Forum of Rehab Al-Fikr.

Three Open Days for Raising Awareness on Crucial Health Issues

The Deanship of Student Affairs with the Sudanese National Organization for Patients organized three open days in collaboration with the National Blood Donation Program and Khartoum Center of Oncology.
The ordained days included:
The 1st day focused on informing the audience of the importance of blood donation. The educating program was accompanied by an exhibition highlighting cancer issues.
The 2nd day included a lecture on blood diseases and various means of protection and prevention, and that was in addition to continuation of blood donation program.
The 3rd day focused on methods of early detection and voluntary breast cancer at the Psychological Counseling Unit at the University which was conducted by specialists from the Sudanese Center for Oncology.