Dr.Iman Tag Elsir Abdullah New Invention


Dr Iman Tag Elsir Abdullah

• PhD in Chemistry of Natural Products.
• Assistant Professor at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology.
• Head of Chemistry Department, UMST.
• Scientific Consultant, Sudanese Union of Herbalists and Complementary Medicine.
• Member of the Committee of the Association of Complementary Medicine, Medical and Health Professions.
• Director of Taj Al Thuraya Center for Treatment of Asthma.

Dr Iman is a proud holder of :
International and national patent of international intellectual property WIPO (pct) Geneva
This entails the protection and registration of the product in Sudan, South America, South Africa, India UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
An international searching report emphasized that the product is a new invention and can be manufactured in accordance with the patent’s conditions and within the period circulation as specified by the global trading of WIPO;

  • Missions and Representation:
    Sudan representative of Intellectual Property at the Conference of Women Inventors and Innovators in the Middle East (International Intellectual Property Organization in association with the League of Arab States (Cairo).
  • Scientific Inimitability Conference for Medical Sciences (Abu Dhabi).
  • Interview in the program Good Morning Arabs, Arabiya Channel, Dubai.
  • Numerous ppublications of scientific papers.
  • National Symposium on Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) regarding worldwide Patent Awarding System (Ministry of Justice in Cooperation with the Africa International University).
  • Launching of experiments in 2011 at the National Research Center and then depositing the patent papers (action plan) with the Intellectual Property of Sudan at the General Registrar of Intellectual Property. In 2013 Papers were later transferred to the National Council of Medicines and Toxins. Following sending all the relevant results a patent was issued testifying that the product is safe and can be used as a treatment and subsequently:
    • The outcome was published globally in September 2016.
    • Its use has proved to be beneficial for many of its users.
    • The product is composed of herbal and natural products and honey. It does not have any additives or industrial components.


Sustained Predation Efforts for the University’s Graduation Ceremony

The Higher Committee for organizing the University graduation ceremony for the academic year 2017-2018 held a meeting on Monday under the chairmanship of Dr. Hafez Homeida, Chairman of the Committee. The meeting was attended by Prof. Mamoun Homeida, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Prof. Hassan Mohamed Ahmed, UMST President.
The meeting reviewed the latest arrangements reached by the various committees and the necessary steps in completing the preparations in accordance with the general guidelines set by the Committee at its previous meetings. The meeting wasted no time in stressing both the sense of continuation and the need for a more robust and imaginative approach to add verve and vividness that should carry and reflect the reputation of the university and highlights its resounding success and achieving its objectives under the theme of “sustained excellence”.
The meeting discussed all the relevant issues and concluded by stressing the importance of taking into account the guidelines agreed upon and to proceed swiftly towards finalizing the outstanding tasks to avoid any disruption or disturbance in the course of producing memorable graduation ceremonies on Thursday, December 27, 2018.

Faculty of Mass Communications announcing a Lecture Entitled: The new media product in the virtual reality environment

A Lecture Entitled: The new media product in the virtual reality environment, will be held on Monday 17 – Dec at 10:00 Am at the Global Conference Center (GCC). the speaker is Dr. Abbas Mustafa Sadig International expert in the field of new media State of United Arab Emirates.

Part of  Dr. Abbas  Publications:

UMST | Celebrates International Day for People with Disabilities

The Deanship of Student Affairs at the University of Medical Science and Technology organized the International Day of People with disability to deepen the integration of the local community with the outside society. The session was held on Thursday 6/12/2018 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
The University hosted a number of guests to participate in the celebration from the evil house and from the professional rehabilitation center of our family association (Omdurman) with their singing teams and their exhibitions, as well as the members of the Sudan Center for Down Syndrome in the eastern Nile district.

UMST | Celebrating the International Human Rights Day

The Deanship of Students affairs in association of the Faculty of Economic, Social and Environmental Studies celebrated on the 10th of this month the International Human Rights Day. The celebration is a timely reminder of the issuing and signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 70 years ago. The Declaration stipulates, amongst other things, that everyone should live in dignity and free of the shackles of slavery, discrimination and limitation of freedom of movement, belief, opinion and expression.

This celebration is part of the University sustained efforts commemorate the international occasions and using them as springboard to educate its students and connecting them with the outside world
The celebration was attended by Professor Modethir Abdul Rahim, President of the Sudanese Society of the United Nations, Mr. Fadel Mohammed Ministry of Justice and Mr. Joseph Suleiman Khalil, former President of the Commission of the World Organization for Human Rights and a member of the National Council and Legal Advisor.

UMST | Scientific Trip to the Northern State


The students of the 11th batch of the Faculty of Nursing Sciences together with the 11th batch of the Masters of Community Health Nursing embarked on their seventeenth Scientific Trip to the areas of Mashkila and Nouri in the Northern State from 9/12/2018 to 22/12/2018. The program includes maternal and child health, combating harmful habits and health of the elderly. The program also includes seminars and training courses in first aid, home nursing, breast self-examination, as well as environmental sanitation, and general medical care day.

Rehab Al-Fikr” Hosts a Symposium on Provision of Medicines

A symposium on “How the national pharmaceutical industry will contribute to the Provision of Medicines” will be organized by the Forum of “Rehab Al-Fikr” at 12 noon, Saturday the 10th of November at the Global Conference Center (GCC).

The symposium will be addressed by HE Mutaz Musa, the Prime Minister, HE Dr. Suad Yousef Al Karib, State Minister of the Federal, Ministry of Health, Professor Mamoun Homeida, Minister of Health of the State of Khartoum, Dr. Zine El Abidine Abbas Al-Fahl, Secretary-General of the National Council for Drugs and Toxins, Dr. Jamal Khalafallah, Director General of the Fund for Medical Supplies, Dr. Ahmad Al-Badawi, Chairman of the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Dr. Salah Kambal, Head of Pharmaceutical Drugs Importers.
The public are cordially invited to participate at the symposium, and are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity for open discussion to highlight concerns, raise issues and to ask questions to enrich the meeting which is expected to propose solutions that will assist in facilitate provision of medicine for the benefit of the citizens at large.
It is worth mentioning that a Forum of Rehab Al-Fikr was established to organize a number of symposia, meetings and seminars, etc within the framework of defined objectives and goals aimed at highlighting the national outreach of the University, its involvement and interaction with the various strata of the Sudanese society, and to direct and suide the positive engagement of UMST students community. The University aspires, through the “Rehab Al-Fikr” Forum, to manifest its commitment to a well informed Responsibility strategies, policies and practices. The ultimate goal of the Forum is to establish sound measures to further extend the university outreach through intellectual, cultural and scientific activities offered through the Forum of Rehab Al-Fikr.

SEDI | Held a course in Women’s Health Medical Disorders in pregnancy & infertility

The Sudan Education and Development institute (SEDI) Held a course in Women’s Health Medical Disorders in pregnancy & infertility – in the Global Conference Center (GCC) from 27th- 29th November 2018- it was attended by really 100 doctors from( M.O.H) mainly family medicine doctors from primary health care and final medical students from the university (UMST)
Two eminent guest speakers from Corniche Hospital (UAE) namely, doctor Saleema Wani (FRCOQ) head dept of OBST& GYN, and Dr. Bashir Taha Salih (Head dept of Obstetric medicine) from UMST Dr. Helmi Noor (Head of OBST, Dr. Mohamed Abdulrahem, Cons. OBST& GYN, Dr. Ahmed Dirar, consultant Endocrinologist, Dr. Salma Alnouri and Fateh Al.Alim , prof of psychiatry .
They discussed various Topics related to medical problems & pregnancy including infertility & mevpemunt , prescribing in pregnancy
Hypertension in pregnancy, Epilepsy in pregnancy , Eclampsia and how to manage as well as Cardio diseases with pregnancy and mental Health.
The third day was mainly on hematological problems & anemia in pregnancy, Headache, diabetes and obesity in pregnancy.

UMST Celebrating International Day for The Elimination of Violence Against Women November 25th and 26th

Violence against women is some thing that cuts across all ages, nationalities, religions and cultures. Most of us have either experienced violence or know someone who has but still there remains a SILENCE around violence against women mainly because it more often takes place in the domestic sphere.

This Video was Made By: Law Students Association

A Part of the Event


UMST Celebrating the International Children’s Day


On Wednesday the 21st the University celebrated the International Children’s Day. The event which was held to honor the children of Maighoma Orphanage and Taybeh Home was organized at the Runway from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is worth noting that he event was made possible by a generous sponsorship from Al-Nilain Company and Aztan Legal Firm.  






The event had boasted an exhibition and was cheered by a variety of vivid entertainment items. An appeal was also made to donate surplus of winter clothing and other items that could be of help to the children in need.