Sudan Education & Development Institute (SEDI)


Graduate Studies:

  • Offers courses leading to Diploma, MSc and PhD degrees by courses.
  • Offers MSc and PhD by research

Evaluation, Assessment and Accreditation:

  • Introduce innovative and appropriate methods of evaluation for programmes, courses, curricula and faculties.
  • Introduce and educate staff on student assessment tools.
  • Help accreditation committees in faculties to conduct self evaluation & prepare faculties for national & international accreditation.

Leadership and Professional Development

The duties of this unit are to:

  • Provide certificate for courses of in-service training.
  • Provide diplomas for professional development.
  • Provide higher degrees in education.
  • Provide distance learning.
  • Conduct seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Upgrade skills by using skill developing laboratories, site and field training.
  • Offer courses in professional development in different fields
  • Offer short courses for managers in the public and private sectors, non-governmental organisations and defense and security officials.
  • Offer a Master Degree in Development Studies (Leadership Specialisation).
  • collaborate with appropriate UMST faculties to run leadership modules designed for undergraduates who wish to develop their leadership capabilities and team working skills

Research and Consultation

The duties of this unit are to:

  • Promote research on education methods and assessment.
  • Promote and assist other units to conduct studies in the fields of professional education.
  • Offer assistance in planning and design of research projects.
  • Offer consultations in education and professional development at national and regional levels.
  • Offer consultancy services.

E-learning and Documentation

The duties of this unit are to:

  • Assist educators in selecting, using and evaluating instructional materials
  • Develop instructional materials needed to meet the institution educational objectives.
  • Design new materials using Slide / Sound / Video / Audio / Computer film and print technology.
  • Establish illustration section to produce graphic arts, brochures, charts and boosters.
  • Deliver digital photography services.
  • Provide hardware and technical expertise for producing documentary and film services.

Curriculum Development unit:

The duties of this unit are to:

  • Facilitate curriculum development in different faculties.
  • Encourage curriculum reform to keep pace with new developments in education.