SEDI Holds Quantitative Research Methods Workshop

sediwrkSudan, Education, and Development Institute (SEDI) held a  two-day workshop on Quantitative Research Methods at UMST.

The workshop was coordinated by  Dr. Amin Alagib and participating faculty included  Professor. El Shikh Mahgoub and Dr. Nada Abdelghani Abdelrahim.

Introduction and Rationale:

Quantitative research focuses on gathering and analyzing numerical data.It is clearly defined by the research question and objectives. Equally important it enables generalizations to be made and investigates causal relationships. Hence, quantitative research refers to the systematic empirical investigation of quantitative (numerical) properties and their relationships.sediwrk1

Quantitative research is widely applied in several scientific disciplines and is the mainstay of basic and applied research. This module is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of research methods used in quantitative research relevant to clinical and health-related investigations. Candidates will gain the necessary knowledge of the research process to develop and conceptualize their research ideas, test their ideas and develop various research designs appropriate to different fields of inquiry. The ultimate goal is to develop a grant winning proposal that can be executed in the field.

This module is recommended for candidates who will be carrying out basic and applied research, health systems and policy research, social science research, clinical research, or program impact evaluation within health delivery systems. It is also relevant to those who will evaluate or apply the results of health research conducted by others.