Printing & Packaging Technology

Programs & Courses

Method of Study: Based on Credit Hour.

Length of Study: Four academic years divided into 8 Semesters.

Medium of Instruction: English and Arabic Languages.

The Program plan: In the 3rd and 4th academic years the student can specialize in either of the two equally challenging and rewarding pathways:

  • Printing Technology Track.
  • Design and Packaging Technology Track.

The two tracks are designed as follows:

  1. First academic year (First and Second Semesters): General Preparation.
  2. Second academic year (Third and Fourth Semesters): Common courses for both pathways.

III. Third academic year (Fifth  and  Sixth Semesters): Specialized courses for each pathway.

  1. Fourth academic year (Seventh and Eighth Semesters): Specific courses for the selected pathway.
  2. Degree Awarded: B.Sc (Honours) Degree.


For more information, contact:

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