Printing & Packaging Technology

Career Prospects

Printing Technology is increasingly becoming one of the major career options in today’s media and marketing driven world. This degree is specifically designed to allow you to work competently effectively and intelligently in a variety of rewarding areas of specialization. You can choose between making fast strides in any of the following areas:

  • Newspapers and magazines industry.
  • Advertising agencies.
  • Publishing houses.
  • You can work in the marketing

and sales departments of companies,

which supply raw materials for printing and

photographic films.

  • With the kind of all-round training you

will receive you can easily turn into an

entrepreneur who can provide printing

services to advertising firms and companies.

  • You can also act as a technology

consultant in advertising agencies,

newspapers/    magazines, government

presses, machine manufacturers, book

printers and packaging industries.

  • In addition to the private sector there

are numerous attractive option careers

in the governmental establishments

of information,  broadcasting,

education and culture.

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